Tech Sheet:
Original TechniPlate® Synthetic Lubricant

KL-200 quart; KL-205 gallon; 30 & 55 gallon drum


Pure synthetic bases are blended for the perfect level of 2-stroke lubrication and performance. Klotz Clean Burn™ technology virtually eliminates carbon and residue build-up. Extreme film strength engineered to reduce engine component wear and increase horsepower. Klotz Original TechniPlate® will challenge and outrun the competition in the following ways:
  • TechniPlate® Peak Film Strength and Anti-Scuff protection
  • Extreme Load Carrying Capacity engineered to reduce engine wear
  • Clean Burn™ Technology reduces carbon and residue build-up
  • Contains familiar Klotz Red for easy mixing and racy odor


Primary use is in alcohol and R/C Model glow fuels
R/C Modeling:
 2/4-stroke glow
 2-stroke alcohol, Stock, Hi-performance
Kart/Micro Sprint:
 2-stroke alcohol, Stock, Hi-performance
Kart/Micro Sprint:
 4-stroke alcohol, Stock, Hi-performance, Road Racing


Smoke Rating: 10 1 = fog - 10 = no smoke
Clean Burn™: 10 1 = heavy deposits - 10 = no carbon
Film Strength: 8 1 = failure - 10 = no wear
Pour Point: -15°F  
Flash Point: 460°F  
Maximum RPM: 13,000  
Viscosity @ 100°c: 23.30 cSt Typical  
Product Color: Red  


2-Stroke pre-mix Do not use in oil injection systems: Air-cooled engines mix at 16:1 to 20:1 Water-cooled engines mix at 20:1 to 32:1
R/C Model
: 2-stroke glow engines mix at 15 – 18%
: Air-cooled mix at 16:1 to 20:1
: Blends with BēNOL® castor oil, Super TechniPlate, gasoline, methanol alcohol, nitromethane and stays in suspension.
Fuel Stability
: Will dissolve in gasoline at ratios of 15:1 or greater alcohol at ratios up to 5:1.

Available part numbers: KL-200 quart; KL-205 gallon; 30 & 55 gallon drum