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Clint Bowyer Racing

Clint Bowyer Dirt Shop | Welcome, NC

"Klotz is always on the leading edge of lubrication technology and, more importantly the company is a first-class organization. Lubrication is the lifeblood in our race cars and when you're turning laps at 9,000 RPM night after night, oil and lubricants are areas where you can't afford to compromise. That's why we won't settle for anything other than Klotz Synthetic Lubricants to get us to the checkered flag."

Clint Bowyer
Welcome, NC

"I started using Klotz products in our circle track program three years ago and have had excellent results. We started with the 20W/50 oil in the engine. We typically turn around 7,000 rpm and at the end of a long season we always had to take our engine to the show and have them inspected. After tearing our engine down our builder was shocked to find how clean and new everything looked internally. We were also pleased to find out that we picked up over 7hp on the dyno by just switching engine lubricant."

"For the past two seasons we have used Klotz products in all three of our cars. Our engine builder now recommends Klotz 15W/40 in all of the engines he builds. We also use Flex 30 in our racing transmission, Free Gear Estorlin 75W/110 as our rear gear lubricant, and 110 octane Klotz fuel."

"Thanks Klotz Lubricants for making a product that I can trust; which allows me to focus on winning races and championships."

Travis | Extreme Racing | Syracuse, IN

"Hey, I'm just writing to say how impressed I am after using your R50 2-Stroke Oil. My bike runs better, starts better and idles better. Other oils just seem like they have more color dye than oil and the motor ran sluggish. Thanks for a great product, I will recommend your oil to anyone. I buy it by the case now! Thanks agian, you guys did a great job."

Brain Siemers
Lake Park, IA, USA

"When my son returned from the morning practice at Red Bud, he complained about a "funny noise" he was hearing from his motorcycle. I started the machine and immediately shut it down once I heard the noise. I told him to pull the drain plug and we would check the oil and the clutch. When he went to remove the drain plug, he said it was not there."

"After a couple of minutes of father son discussion, we determined he completed nearly a lap on the track without oil in the crank case. Not wanting to miss a race day, we decided to put another bolt in the drain plug, refill it with KLOTZ FLEX DRIVE 30 and give it a shot. The "funny noise" went away and we completed the day without any issues. In fact, things went so well, we decided to see how long we could run this machine without clutch or transmission failure."

"Our family typically races every weekend with at least 1 practice through the week. Now that racing season is finished, I'm happy to report we made it the entire race season without any drive train or motor issues. Thanks to KLOTZ FLEX DRIVE 30 in the transmission and KLOTZ R-50 in the gas tank, we had zero engine failures with this machine during the entire 2008 race season. Thanks again for manufacturing high quality performance lubricants."

Bullville, NY, USA

"My father and I have always been big supporters of your company's product, and as an engine builder myself, whenever someone comes to me with a blown up motor off of their micro sprint the first question I ask is 'What oil are you running?' When they come back with the smart answer of 'Amsoil', 'Lucas', or 'Whatever I had on the shelf at the time' the first words out of my mouth are 'You should run Klotz'..."

"Up here in the Great White North we have a lot of troubles with ethanol in our fuels. So if someone were to buy fuel from like a Sunoco they contain over the limit of about the 4% tolerance before the oil end fuel will no longer mix properly. But as far as I am concerned, you have a race car and for sure you have some work done to it, so why not give a good quality combination of race fuel and an excellent synthetic oil a try. Like I previously said my father and I are big supporters of all Klotz products, always have and always will be."

London, ON, Canada

"In preparation for the 2008 race season, we started on a new engine program for our improved and pro-stock sleds. We began by dynamometer testing our old engine combination and then added new concepts and new technologies very methodically with the desire to improve performance. With this premise in mind, oil was one of the avenues that I wanted to investigate."

"Using the same cylinder and piston combination I began to hone in on carburetion, ignition, and port timing. During this testing is when I began to change oil brands and mix ratios, always going back to my baseline setup then sweeping through the same parameters previously established."

"After over 100 hours of dyno testing, I can honestly say that I have found your R-50 TechniPlate to be best among the many oils I tried during this testing. After twenty dyno pulls on your competitor's oil, the pistons would show a great deal of scuffing and power loss. These results were much improved using the R-50 at 40:1; after another twenty dyno runs, power was up 2% on average and piston wear was all but eliminated. This particular engine made peak power well above the 10,000 RPM range."

"I now run Klotz products in all my racing equipment, including my 4-stroke sleds using your new line of 0W/40 Estorlin Technology motor oil and chaincase filled with the KL-500 Black Formula graphite lubricant. Thank you for making a terrific line of products that deliver performance in the extremely harsh environment of drag racing. I would highly recommend your products to anyone looking for the best performance and protection available."

Ypsilanti, MI, USA


"I'm tuning and building high performance small displacement 2-stroke engines (50cc-100cc). Since I tested Super TechniPlate you will always have me as a customer. Nice price and performance. Keep up the good work."

Vaggeryd, Sweden

"I put 300 hours on my Jr. Magoo motor with Klotz in it and ran incredible all year. The standard is 100-150 hours for a high perfomance (Freestyle Jet Ski) motor like that; But with Klotz, not only did I pass 200 hrs but I also passed 300 hours. Other people can't believe it, but it's true and Jr. Magoo knows it!"

Pancake Pete
Toms River, NJ, USA

"Just a quick update on where OPTIFUEL™ powered by KLOTZ has got to as the year closes out. As you know we are the new boys on the model fuel block in the UK and we launched the product in late July 2008 at the World Masters 3D Model Helicopter event in the UK, it has been simply stunning."

"We have in what is only five months had great success and are exactly where we want to be positioned for the 2009 season. The brand OPTIFUEL™ has grown very quickly mostly due to the way KL-98 works, it’s clean, smooth and it runs very cool. On the back of this we have every competitive discipline in aero models interested and have attracted the top UK pilots in all of those disciplines for the 2009 season."

West Yorkshire, UK

"Klotz Original TechniPlate is simply the best oil I have ever used. I have been riding dirt bikes for over 35 years and have Vintage Husqvarna's, Honda Elsinores, and a Yamaha DT Enduro I ride daily. They all get Klotz. I have used Maxima, Yamalube, Golden Spectro, Pro Honda, PJ-1, and Motul. Klotz protects better and burns cleaner than all of them. I tell everyone I ride with that Klotz is what they need to use to protect their machines."

Fort Wayne, IN, USA

"This year Klotz has helped me out with great support for the oil and fuel that I am using. The 100 Octane Oxygas has helped out a lot this year also. A lot of people that are using other race fuels such as VP are having quality issues, not to mention they are opening up their engines and finding blue slime inside them. I have had great fuel every time I open the can. I have not had any slime, buildup, or other such bad-happenings. I plan on extending my Klotz usage into any other products I can find that will apply to my bike. I believe that the oil and fuel that I have been using have helped me and my 2003 Yamaha R6 to be competitive even up against 2006-2008 bikes and put me on the podium 11 times in my rookie season."

Ft. Wayne, IN, USA


"Finishing second costs me way too much money. After winning 8 consecutive championships we use only the best. Klotz fuel and lubricants have always delivered great power, and are tough. That's why I choose Klotz!"

Oakland, KY, USA

"During this weekend win we got a chance to run R-50 TechniPlate in our Mazdaspeed 3 for the whole weekend. The car ran extremely well and posted an NHRA best of 7.39. But the more amazing thing about the weekend happened when we returned to the shop. We usually drop the pan and check the rod and main bearings after every race; this time I could not believe what I saw. R-50 allowed the least amount of wear I have ever seen after a weekend of 10500 rpm and 50psi of boost."

"Thanks again for your support!"

Glenwood, MD, USA

"We just love the way this stuff smells out of the exhaust... weird but true! When riding our two-strokes, it reminds me of my childhood."

Milton, GA, USA

"Any racer knows the feeling 30 seconds before 'game time' - the butterflies, the questions 'did I think of everything, check everything, secure everything'. Offshore powerboat racing is no different than PWC, Snowmobile, Motorcycle, or Auto Racing in those respects. When the flag drops, its go-time; the nerves are replaced with pure adrenalin and the boat begins to lift off. Passing the century mark you hear the engines literally screaming, the sound is tremendous inside the cockpit. Then silence as 50 feet of water passes 3 feet below. The engines light back up instantly to 8000 rpms and you transfer into 'on-the-job mode'. Now it’s all business."

"Our class uses high revving Mercury 2.5 liter Super Stock Racing Outboards producing over 280 peak HP at 8200 rpm’s. Our races are full throttle and run close to 70 statute miles, every race venue is different some are flat water some its 6-8 footers. Nonetheless one thing that doesn’t even cross our mind is our engine failing. We actually used a competitor’s motor for one race and lost an engine…never again. We make more horsepower, burn less gas and have the one thing every pro racer needs in that 30 seconds before go –time...Peace of mind that you have the best engine lubricant you can buy in your machine. Throttles down!"

"Thanks Klotz!"

Sarasota, FL, USA


"We had previous experiences with Klotz Lubricant products, having used the racing fuel and two cycle oil in our karts. We were always please with the performance with Klotz products."

"Recently we switches all 3 of our circle track cars from Valvoline to Klotz racing 20w50. We have noticed a slight increase in maximum rpm due to the fact that the klotz synthetuc lubricant puts less drag on our engines rotating assemblies."

"We also experienced an unexpected, but very positive result in our 2.3 engine in our mini stock. When we were using Valvoline 20w50 racing oil our oil pressure would start out great, but it would drop to about 10 lbs by the end of the feature race, and the oil pressure warning light would be on. Our engine builder assured us this condition was of no major concern so we have been running that way for 2 seasons. As soon as we switched to Klotz our oil pressure has never dropped low enough to turn on the warning light. It is much easier to be confident in your equipment when their are no red warning lights on the gauge panel !!"

"We also use the Klotz racing fuel, and Free Gear Estorlin 80w90 in all three of our cars. We are very pleased with the performance of the Kotz products, and the support of the techinicall staff at Klotz whenever we have any questions."

Brian Wilkinson
Syracuse, IN, USA



"This past season we participated in the Northern New York Vintage SnowSled Racers (NNYVSR) cicuit at venues throughout New York State, including Boonville, Long Lake, Utica, and Warrensburg. It was a hectic, fun-filled winter season with ups and downs. We had the exciting challenge of fine tuning our fleet of thirty plus year old Yamaha snowmobiles and dealing with the constantly changing effects that Mother Nature dealt us."

"The highlight of the season was the races held at Echo Lake in Warrensburg, NY. The orange and blue Yamahas of Therrien Motorsports were at the front of their respective classes all weekend, finishing in the top three in all classes entered."

"The Klotz products were an asset to Therrien Motorsports and we were proud to be ambassadors of the Klotz name and product. The Klotz TechniPlate TC-W3 that you provided worked exactly as we had envisioned it and the quality of the Klotz product was very impressive."

"Thank you once again for your generous sponsorship over the past season. Your support along with our other sponsors allowed us to compete to the best of our abilities. We look forward to continuing and furthering our relationship this upcomming race season."

Michael Therrien
Adams, MA, USA



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